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Grayson-Collin Electric Cooperative- 7 Operating Principles

Follow Willie Wiredhand as he shows then unique operating principles that distinguish an electric cooperative from the typical public utility company.  Click to watch the video...


GCEC has launched SmartHub, a new bill pay website!

The enhanced site allows all the functionality as before, but now has more options for researching billing and usage history as well as other options like setting up recurring drafts, reporting outages, and maintenance request to our member service department. The link can be found at the top of the menu bar on the right of this page.  Android and iOS apps are now available in the app market for smart phones and tablets.

If you have any questions regarding our new site, please call our member service department at 903-482-7100.


GCEC and Verizon, two great names in service that you can trust!

The new Verizon store is now open in Van Alstyne offering you great Verizon service for voice, data, and texting through the hottest phones out there including smart phones like the iPhone, Blackberry, Droid, Samsung, LG, Motorola, and more. The Verizon store is on the northbound highway 75 access road in Van Alstyne. GCEC and Verizon, the service you need with the phone you want. Put GCEC and Verizon to work for you. Two great names, great phone choices, and a plan to suit you.
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New Automated Response System now available...

GCEC is pleased to announce our new Automated Response System. The system has been implemented to assist our members by allowing them to enter outages, make payments, inquire on account balances, plus more via their touch tone phone. To access our automated response system please dial 903-482-7111. Because we strive to excel in personal service, our main number, 903-482-7100, will always be answered by our member services support staff.

Co-op Connections will help your business connect with even more customers!

If you're a business owner, to an extent you have already felt the pinch of tougher economic times these days. What better way to stimulate your business than by becoming a Co-op Connections partner! By signing up to be a local participating business in the program, your business' exposure to hundreds of thousands more new customers is guaranteed while also strengthening relationships with your current customer base. Learn more about how easy it is to be a Co-op Connections partner today!
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One test everybody will dig!

It's always exciting when there's a big project on the horizon. But there are a few critical steps that everyone should consider before breaking ground on any new construction, fencing or structure project, and that's a “Dig Tess”! The consequences can be very dangerous, expensive and can put the brakes on everyone's progress. So take a moment to contact us before things get too far along to make sure you're in the safety zone!
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