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05.26.24 Storm Updates


Grayson Collin Electric Cooperative

May 26, 2024

- As of 8:45 p.m. 5/27 - All power has been restored to approximately 30,000 members. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigated restoration. We also send our thoughts and prayers with all of our members, as well as fellow Texans who were impacted by the storms this past weekend.

- As of 10:34 P.M. we have restored power to nearly 20,000 members and we are working on approximately the last 200 through the night. Governor Greg Abbott also added Collin County to the state's existing disaster declaration. We will continue our work until all power is restored. We thank you for your patience and your understanding as we work together to restore power.

- As of 8:56 P.M. our crews and contract crews are continuing to work through the night for power restoration. They continue to work against broken poles, displaced vegetation and downed power lines. It has also been confirmed that a tornado suggesting to be an EF-3 touched down in the Celina area. We are working as safely and quickly as possible and appreciate your understanding.

- As of 9:22 A.M. - We continue to work to restore service as quickly and safely as possible, we are preparing for a longer than normal extended outage for some members. During our assessment and restoration efforts, we have encountered a lot of wind damage.

We have posted a few photos on our Facebook page as an example Damaged poles and wire will have to be replaced, and the debris from roofs, barns and other damaged structures must be removed. These are very labor intensive operations. We thank our members for patience and understanding.

Updates throughout the day may be limited, as the crews are busy working; and we don’t wish to interrupt their progress. We would also like to note that the online outage map may not always be accurate. We have made changes to the source of several lines in order to restore service as we get some of the damage repaired.   We have records of all reports of outages, and we have no plans to stop progress until service has been restored to everyone. Thanks again for your patience and understanding.

-As of 4:57 A.M. - As assessment of the storm damage continues into the night/early morning the "pole count" has surpassed 30. Replacement has already begun and power has been restored to more than 11,000 members. We also continue to monitor the weather that shows storms in Central Texas that have caused damages to utility companies and co-ops serving fellow Texans. We will monitor the track of these storms.

- As of 3:44 A.M. assessment and restoration efforts continue, we have found at least twenty poles down or broken from the high (possibly tornadic) winds. These poles must be replaced to fully restore service to members. In addition to these, there are dozens of additional poles that are leaning. Each of them must be carefully inspected for structural integrity. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

- As of 2:49 A.M. we have restored service to more than 10,000 members affected by the damaging winds. While we don't have official confirmation, there have been numerous reports of tornados in our service area and reports that Collin Count has declared this a natural disaster. We will continue to work until all power is restored.

- As of midnight 5.26.24, we are experiencing heavy wind damage across much of our service area. At this time, outages are affecting more than 14,000 members. All available crews and contract crews are being assembled to begin restoration. Damage assessment is underway - we have received reports of major damage to homes, farms, trees and poles. We will work as safely and quickly as possible to repair the damage and restore service.

Please report any damage by calling 903-482-7100 or by going to and choosing the "report outage" tab. Our outage management system cannot accept messages or posts on social media..

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