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Member Benefits

How we provide the very best possible service at the very least possible cost.

GCEC Annual Meeting, 1953

Becoming a member of Grayson-Collin Electric Cooperative brings to you a number of remarkable benefits. As a member of this non for profit electric cooperative, you also become an owner whose best interests are always paramount in the efforts of the cooperative. That’s quite a different situation than what you encounter with the “for profit” electricity providers.

Grayson Collin Electric Cooperative is a member owned cooperative, and most of our employees live within the GCEC service area. As a result, you can expect that your inquiries for service, billing or power outage restoration will be promptly answered by professionals who know who you are and where you live. They’re your neighbors!

This kind of outstanding service has been delivered since 1937, and is consistent with our goal of providing the very best possible service at the very least possible cost. As the area we serve has become more urban over the years, the increased density of the meters being served has allowed us to keep the price per kilowatt-hour competitive with other service providers in the area. That’s certainly an important benefit to any consumer these days.

2017 GCEC annual meeting

GCEC Annual Meeting, 2016