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Information for reporting your outage on the App

Grayson Collin Electric Cooperative
Jun 5, 2024
Information for reporting your outage on the App

We have learned that when our members go to report an outage on our app, they have run into an issue. Members have received a message stating “There are no other account available on your service to report an outage.”  This response happens because your meter has already notified our office that your home is without power. If you have any other accounts, like a barn or another building, that is currently not listed in the outage, it will allow you to select and report those meters as “out”.  We want to assure you that though this can be a frustrating response – it just means that our office is aware of your outage, allowing us to work towards restoration as quickly and safely as possible. We have someone at our office 24/7 all year round and will be here to field your calls and help anyway we can.


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