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June 5, 2024

6.05.24 Storm Updates

9:00 A.M. - Our crews have worked for almost 8 hours restoring service to almost 12,000 members.  There are still 565 members without power due to severe damages from high winds.  There have been reports that the winds were as strong as 80 MPH in our service area, and one member sent a picture of her rain gauge showing 5.5 inches of rain overnight east of Van Alstyne.

 As the crews report back to dispatch, we are finding a few broken poles and several lines down due to fallen trees.  These are often the longest repairs to be made, and they often require linemen climbing poles because it’s too wet for a heavy bucket truck.

We will continue until power is restored to every member.  As we learn more, we will provide additional updates.

We thank you again for your patience and understanding. Hopefully, the latest forecast is correct, and we’ve seen the last of thunderstorms for a few days. We know our members need a break and our crews definitely need some rest.

6:00 A.M. - As we near dawn at 6:00 this morning, we continue to make progress in restoring service from the storm damage.  Since the beginning of these latest rounds of thunderstorms close to midnight, we have successfully restored power to more than 11,000 members.  We still have about 1,200 members affected, and the crews will work as safely and quickly as possible.

  We cannot always provide an ETA or update when members call, but rest assured the crews are aware and working to restore service.  While we would all like to know more, we would rather have the crews working instead of talking on he two way radio or phones with the dispatchers.  When they do report into the office from their work assignments, we know they have been met with torrential rain, fallen trees, damage caused by winds and lightning and a lot of soft muddy ground.  All of these elements of nature sometimes make progress slower than desired, but we want to insure the safety of our coworkers first.

 As always, we thank you for your patience and understanding.

3:22 A.M. -   As of 3:22 Am, we have restored service to almost 8,000 members affected by the latest storms to ravage the service area.  All crews have been called into service, and they are reporting downed trees and severe lightning damage. They continue to work as safely and quickly as possible to restore service to all of our members.  Currently, there are still over 4,000 members without power. 

According to radar, weather services and local TV news stations, there are additional storms moving southeast out of Oklahoma, so we may experience additional outages.  At times, the service crews may also deenergize portions of the power lines to safely make repairs.

One thing to note, the outage map on our system displays “dots” indicating known outages.  The actual dot may not be at your location, it will be in the general area of the protection device, such as a breaker or fuse. These devices are often up line from the location of your home.

 In addition to the reports received via the website, emails and phone calls, the meters indicate power outages.  Should you have issues reporting an outage via our app (MyGCEC or SmartHub), it is because the meter has already alerted the dispatchers of your outage.

              We would like to take this time to remind everyone to assume that any downed lines may be energized and very dangerous.  Please stay away from any downed lines and report them to our office at 903.482.7100.  The crews will be advised of your report.

    Thanks again for your patience and understanding.

1:42 A.M. - Storms have once again moved into our service area. The high winds and lightning have caused service interruptions throughout much of our area reaching from northern Grayson County into much of Collin County.  We have dispatched all crews to come assist in restoration of service.  They will work as quickly and safely as possible to restore power.  We thank you for your patience and understanding as this weather pattern has affected the Co-op and many other electric utilities across Texas for the past two weeks.

While it may seem frustrating, the coworkers answering the phones do not know the cause of the outage, the magnitude of the wind damage or the estimated time to repair the damage and restore service.  We will provide additional updates as information is relayed from the linemen working in the rough weather conditions back to the dispatchers working to assign them for repairs

  Once again, we gratefully appreciate your patience and understanding.

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