New Construction Checklist

Looking to build?

Review the information below to make sure you're ready.


  • 911 Address
  • Membership Application & Fees
  • Staking appointment / Site visit
  • Cost estimate (if applicable)
  • Contribution in Aid of Construction (if applicable)
  • Easement(s)
  • Right-of-Way (ROW) clearing

Construction Process

  1. Obtain a 911 address.
    Please apply for a physical 911 address with your County Courthouse or City.
  2. Contact GCEC to apply for the new service.
    Please call Grayson Collin Electric Cooperative (903) 482-7100
    Application for new membership requirements: Full name, social security number, date of birth, driver’s license numbers for both you and your spouse if applying for a joint membership. Initial set up fees will need to be paid over the phone at the end of the call.  We accept electronic check, debit or credit card payments.  
  3. If necessary, a staking appointment will be set.
    If possible, please mark or stake the property.  The location of the house or structure, and the desired meter location needs to be known, prior to your appointment. A new service will be discussed along with any additional construction costs, and a possible timeline.
  4. Payment received for Aid of Construction by GCEC.
    If additional cost is discussed, you will receive an invoice for the construction cost.  The Aid of Construction will need to be paid before any construction can begin.
  5. Easement and any other necessary paperwork received by GCEC.
    You may be required to provide a blanket or defined easement (provided by the staking engineer) and a survey, including a legal description, before the primary line for the service is installed. The easement must include all persons on the deed and must be notarized.
  6. Job goes out to construction.

Temporary Service

  • If setting a temporary pole for the construction process you are responsible for having an electrician set the pole, meter base, weather head, whip, the wiring of the breakers and plugs.
  • Call to request meter to be connected at pole when ready.
  • Overhead temporary poles will need to be set within 75 ft of GCEC’s pole with transformer.
  • Underground temporary poles will need to be set within 10ft of GCEC’s padmount transformer or secondary pedestal.

Permanent Service

  • Once construction is done, you will be required to have the permanent meter base mounted, wired on your side and the ground rod installed before requesting installation of underground or overhead service.
  • As of September 1, 2020, NEC has a new code section 230.85 in place. The 2020 NEC will require an exterior service disconnect for all one- and two-family dwelling units. A service disconnect switch or main circuit breaker located outside of the home can serve this purpose. Please contact our office @ 903-482-7100 if you have any questions.
  • Call us to request underground service.  GCEC will provide the trenching, laying of line, conduit and covering the ditch to be completed. Aid to construction may apply.
  • Non-residential (shop/barn) may require an invoice that must be paid before the permanent meter is set after underground has been installed.
  • Please call our office to determine if a meter release is required from the city or county.

After all required steps have been completed contact our office 903-482-7100 to request the permanent meter to be installed.