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Fathers Day Storms

Savanna Chandler
Grayson Collin Electric Cooperative
Jun 19, 2023
Fathers Day Storms

Fathers day weekend and the weekend following, a group of storms of mass destruction came across both Grayson and Collin counties on back to back weekends destroying approximately 80 poles and leaving almost 40,000 members without power.

This group of storms brought heavy rotation, 100 mph of straight-line winds and thousands of lightning strikes. Thus leaving mutilated vegetation, broken poles, poles on fire, broken and downed power lines and countless pieces of debris across the Grayson-Collin Electric service area. The storm caused us to have to rebuild several sections of line – each taking several hours to repair and rebuild. We received mutual aid from two electric cooperatives in the area, seven linemen from United Electric Cooperative as well as four linemen from CoServ. We called in 5 contract linemen crews composed of five to six linemen each from both Techline and Linetec. We also had crews from Vaquero Underground Services who assist us daily. Apex Tree trimming service sent 15 tree trimming crews to help clear roads and lines of vegetations so the linemen could work behind them to restore power. The tree trimming crews were composed of three-to-six-man crews. Although we had prepared to our best abilities and have tree trimming crews who work daily throughout our service area – Mother Nature left the two counties mangled in destruction. Crews worked around the clock for nearly 65 hours working to restore power. As we look back on what CEO/General Manager David McGinnis is calling one of the worst storms in his career, we understand the frustration of being without service for many hours – but believe we serve some of the best members in the State and we will continue to provide the best possible service at the least possible cost. As always, we are here for you, 24 hours and 7 days a week – 365 days a year – we strive to serve you, our members –  to our best ability.

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